Notice to parties serving subpoenas on TextMe

Updated 4/14/2017

TextMe accepts service of subpoenas, warrants and court orders, subject to cost reimbursement, at:

Requirements for submitting a legal request:

TextMe is not able to respond to requests for end-user information unless the request is made via a legal subpoena. Non-subpoena requests, including verbal and letter requests, will not be processed. In order for TextMe to process your request it must meet the following conditions:

How to reach TextMe:

Email is the preferred communication channel.

Business hours (Pacific time):

After business hours (emergencies only): +1 415-237-7978

Response Time

Requests are handled in the order received, subject to pending expedited requests. Responses are generally provided within 5 business days. Expedited responses will generally be provided within 3 business days.

Records Retention

TextMe retains information for 1 year.

Pen Register/Trap and Trace Device

We cannot accommodate.

Cost Reimbursement

For information requests related to subscriber information, the fee is $75. Up to a maximum of 3 phone numbers will be included in this fee.

Notarized document will be charged an additional $100.
Special requests are subject to additional costs.
You may pay via PayPal or check.

* Important: with the payment, please reference the name of your agency, the date of your request and the TextMe support system ticket number to ensure proper application thereof.

Emergencies and Child Safety Considerations

Under the TextMe Privacy Policy, we may disclose information to law enforcement in the case of an emergency when there is risk of death or serious physical injury to a person and when TextMe may have information necessary to prevent such risk, “Exigent Circumstances Request”.

TextMe does not charge for Exigent Circumstances Request or child safety considerations.

To make an Exigent Circumstances Request for TextMe end-user information, take the following steps:

  1. Complete this form: Exigent Circumstances Requests Form
  2. Send an email of your request to, or after business hours (Pacific Time) emergencies: +1 415-237-7978
  3. Include “URGENT” or “CHILD SAFETY MATTER” in the subject line of your email.
  4. Briefly describe the nature of the emergency and why such information is requested of TextMe.